Orientation of primary school teachers on text books in sindh2nd june to 7th july 2015

Government of Sindh  Education & literacy  department

Orientation of Primary School Teachers on New Curriculum Text Books in Sindh
2nd June to 7th June 2015


·       Sir Zulfiqar Behan
·       Miss Parveen Akhtar

Day 1st

Training program was started with the recitation of Holy Quran.
Facilitator made pairs and asked each pair to get to know each other and tell the made members about his or her fellow and participants did so.
Description of Aims of Training program.
A pre Test is taken to check the participants’ abilities.
Facilitators gave a brief description of aims of training program.
1.  The very important objective of this program is to provided a vivid points of new curriculum of 2006 and what are its requirements.
2. To enable the participants about Standard based Curriculum, Bench marks, competencies and SLO’s.
3. To  a knowledge the participants about importance of lesson plan and assessment and its tools.
Brains storming , Ice- breaking and Think-pair Share are being used.
For explanation of curriculum , Standard, SLO’s and bench marks, Bloom taxonomy is also explained.

DAY 2nd
The session is started with the Recitations of Holy Quran.
Facilitator asked about last day’s learning and then he continued the teaching program.

 The day is started with brain storming activity by asking a question about “Text Book” and made pairs of participants .  Different definitions are presented by the participants and facilitator wrote those on board.
2nd activity  is open discussion and made conclusion about the impotence about text book.
Facilitator made group and gave them sheets to start the SLO’s with teaching material given in the text book and participants gave presentation.
Different teaching methodologies are introduced and explained.


 DAY 3rd
The session is started with the Recitations of Holy Quran.
Facilitator asked about Last day’s learning and then he continued the teaching program.
The day is started with 3rd topic Assessment  and types of assessment.
Facilitators asked participants to be arranged in groups and gave them different topics  regarding assessment i-e definition, importance, comparison etc, and then invited them to give their presentations.


Day 4th

The session is started with the Recitations of Holy Quran.
Facilitators explaned about the important elements of a lesson plan which include subject, class, grade ,topic, SLO’s , resources and assessment plus activities.
     Then thay arrange participant is group and asked them to make lesson plans includeing all elements every group made lesson plans on different subjects and gave theiar presentation . thay facilitator encounaged the participants.
 facilitator asked every group to discuss vertically on important elements, whether the  SLO’s  are achieve able or not , which element can be chosen and share their views with the whole class.


DAY 5th
The session is started with the Recitations of Holy Quran.

Facilitator asked the participants to make a lesson plan by using text book of different subjects. The participants made lesson plans and gave their presentation.
Facilitator made the group again and explained what is micro Teaching After that they asked them to make a lesson plan using micro teaching and the participants did so.
Activity 3 :
Teachers are asked to explain constructive feed back and what is the importance of constructive feed back in teaching learning process.
Facilitator provided the participants with a page with 40 lines and asked them write one line about their views and suggestions.


DAY 6th 

The session is started with the Recitations of Holy Quran.
Activity 1:
Appost test is given for analysis and evaluation of participants i-e what else have they learnt so for.
Facilitators explained the objectives of implement of curriculum .
It includes preaching , training and examination and evaluation.
Facilitator arranged the participants is gropus and gave them name according the elements of curriculum strueture and asked them to write the methods which they can use for implementation of these elements.


1.Participants are knowledgable about educational reforms and the Educational plans of province Sindh.
2. The teachers have become capable of paying their role in application of new curriculum and  improve the ways of assessment formal and informal without being biased.
3. Participants got to know how to modify the step by step process of education clustering the schools together and school budget plus school management.