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It's time to data collection workshop

Thanks Dr.Babar and Madam Rana Hussain for developing this instrument
Questionnaire for students.
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[6/28, 10:14 AM] Zulfiqar Behan: Dear Student, Bureau of Curriculum/ Directorate of Curriculum, Assessment and Research (DCAR) is conducting Teacher Assessment study in Sindh with Technical Assistance from European Union. You may use your Teacher Education Institution (TEI)/ College/ Dept. as a reference for responding to the questions. Please, note that the data is being gathered only for the purpose of this study and that anonymity will be maintained. Thank you for your time and valuable input, and voluntary participation! 2 Questionnaire for faculty members  // Dear Colleague, Bureau of Curriculum/ Directorate of Curriculum, Assessment and Research (DCAR) is conducting Teacher Assessment …

Visit at Islamabad .At Islamabad for attending Pakistan Reading Project (PRP ) 5 -day Curriculum Evaluation Workshop (May 16-20-2016 )

At Islamabad for attending Pakistan  Reading Project (PRP ) 5 -day  Curriculum Evaluation  Workshop  (May 16-20-2016 )

Research tool 3-5 june 2016 @ SPTD KARACHI

Research tool 3-5 june 2016 @ SPTD KARACHI.
It was 2nd workshop about research skill development.
Resource persons are
Dr.  Babar and Rana Hussain
I learn a lot and this workshop is very useful .
1st day session was about whats research tool , dr.  Babar has good commond on developing reasearh tools.
2nd day was field work my assigned place was gece hussainabad karachi. It was good experience we applied our tools like observation, recipe, interview, focusing group . after this activity we reached back at sptd office and shared our experiences.
We did one more activity on 3rd day it was matrix tool. It was wonderful activity.
At the end it was presentation session, there were 3groups i lead my group and delivered a successful presentation.

Have a nice journey, Its 7:00pm we are in way to pishawar road in sozoki,in our team members are.afaque,,tanweer,Yousif shaikh,latif ranput,and Me Zulfiqar. Its aN interesting experience ,,yiusif shaikh tekking about Islamabad development. Now everyone taking input his experience. 31 June it was 2nd and last day the cheif gust of the session was Sectary education and professional development Muhammad Humayoon. At th enf of session certificates and remuneration Destributed among participate s.

june 3-5. 2016
Session started with holy Quran verses sourah fajar recited.
Babar sb started session