Induction Training IBA pass Head Masters HMs Karachi Sindh

Successfully completed the14 days inductions 
training of newly appointed IBA pass Head Masters   @ GECE Qasimabad Karachi centre.
No doubt It was challenging but with team work finally we succeeded Alhamdulillah.
Thanks to
Mr. Haroon Leghari sb, Principal GECE (Men) Qasimabad Karachi, Master Trainers Seema Zahid ,Mateen Samad ,Nighat ,Itrat,Muznah Fahim and specially thanks SZABIST Karachi team  like Madam Lubna Khalid,sir Abu Sufiyan and Ms Sania and many many thanks Director BOC Mushtaque Shahani,DG PITE Qamar Shahid Sidique ,M&E-SELD Team, Training Participants (HMs) & college support staff for their support.

Closing ceremony on 27 July 2017 @ GECE Qasimabad Karachi it was very memorable day in my life because I got unforgettable appreciation from trainees. when  called my name for Master trainer certificate I welcomed  unexpected non stop round of applause for 4-5 mint at that movement secretary school education Abdul Aziz Uqaili  asked me what is reason why such a[[recitation? Did you taught to hm or not? I replied that sir you can asked so during the speech secretary sb asked to HMs what was the reason why you ppeaople gave a great response to only one master trainer tell me one by one and secretary sb got answered 3-4 trainees. It was brilliant reflection for me and that time because of my performance as motivator and an excellent master trainer secretary school education  Mr.A.Aziz Uqaili announced and directed me that I (Zulfiqar Behan) will guide monitor and coordinate to all newly appointed HMs of Karachi.
However the secretary congratulated new head masters for completing non-stop training of 14 days, including Saturdays and Sundays. He said this was an important milestone for you because it will provide you an opportunity to take charge of schools and increase enrolment.
He said recruitment process of HMs was pending since the past 14 months. He said we all know the level of public sector education and that’s so because there is a serious crisis of leadership at the school level.

He said we will go for the second round of recruitment as well.

The secretary said that we have highest hope in you that you will regain the past glory of public sector school system. He said children look towards you for education. He said new HMs will be given monthly salary equal to 17 grade officers. He said no transfer request of newly-inducted HMs will be entertained unless needed by the government.
He announced that any head master who increased enrollment significantly in a year will be rewarded.
It may be mentioned that the government of Sindh had recruited 1,018 headmasters and headmistresses from across the province. Of them 254 are female and 764 male.
The training of 54 master trainers (13 female and 41 male) was conducted from July 8 to 12, including Saturday and Sunday at SZABIT.

In this connection, the department had established six regional training centres in Karachi, Hyderabad, Shaheed Benazirabad, Sukkur, Larkana and Mirpur Khas. Total 997 head masters appeared for induction trainings and the rest of them abstained.

The induction training of 997 HMs was conducted from July 14 to 27, including Saturdays and Sundays.
The trainings of new school heads are aimed at enhancing their professional standards.
The government has introduced several reform programmes. One such reform is introduction of School Management Cadre at division, district and school levels and the training of school heads is part of that initiative.
The new school heads underwent essential and rigorous training course devised by the department. Both the trainings were carefully planned to make use of summer vacation so that teaching/learning time of students should not be disturbed.

Induction Training of newly appointed HM karachi @ GECE Qasimabad Karachi

14 days (14-27 July 2017)
Induction training of newly appointed  HM is going on in all over sindh.I have been assigned at Karachi region center @ GECE Qasimabad Karachi..Thre are 6 Master Trainers in four rooms
1. Zulfiqar Behan
2. Seema Zahid
3.Mateen Samad
6.Muznah Fahim
Today's Reflection
MT:mam Muzna

Reflection by Faiza TP, HM
Starting of with the name of Allah and recitation of Naat.
Review of yesterday's lecture (smc)
--> Introduction to Academic management
--> watched video on curriculum
--> understand the types of curriculum(hidden,place, formal,Null)
-->Discussed the differences among curriculum,syllabus and course.

Second session
Mt:miss Muzna
History of curriculum and terminologies of curriculum(standards,Benchmark,SLO,syllabus,course,textbook,content).
Furthermore discussion on scheme of studies and then  in groups analyze that either the course books are alligned according to National curriculum or not of grade V.

MT:Sir Zulfiqar

Group activity,observe three chapters of different subjects like science ,maths,social studies and english.Matched the SLO's of chapters with the SLO's given in national curriculum and try to find out if course books SLO's are not according to Standard SLO's and prepared list of them.
Observing the curriculum as a expert was a good experience.learnt how we can give a better and complete knowledge by following scheme of studies .
Thank you Mt's 😊
Hm induction some clicks

TOT Master Trainer for new-recruited Head Masters and Mistresses (HMs) of public schools, ToT concluded at SZABIST, Karachi, 8 july to 12 july 2017.

I have been sellected as Master trainer for  new-recruited Head Masters and Mistresses (HMs) of public schools, ToT concluded at SZABIST, Karachi, 8 july to 12 july 2017.The School Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh, has recruited 1,016 Head Masters and Mistresses (HMs) on merit for public schools to provide quality education.

TOT for school education head masters @ SZEBIST 100 Karachi.

ZEBIST conducted ToT all sessions of ToT were friitful we learn good and shred our experiences.

After  (TOT) for Master Trainers, who will later train newly-recruited Head Masters and Mistresses (HMs) of public schools, concluded at SZABIST, Karachi, on Wednesday.
The School Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh, has recruited 1,016 Head Masters and Mistresses (HMs) on merit for public schools to provide quality education.
For this purpose all newly-recruited HMs will undergo an induction training to equip them with relevant knowledge, skills and desired disposition in making the system effective.
The induction training will be conducted by Master Trainers who have been selected from the education department after a rigorous process.
MTs received TOT from July 8 to July 12 at SZABIST, Karachi, from 9am to 5pm, including Saturday and Sunday.
TOT covered four modules based on Sindh Education Sector Management (SESM) with focus on enhancing skills needed to operationalise schools as viable learning space for all children.
Four modules covered in the following sequence in the training:
1. Planning and Development
2. Administrative Management
3. Academic Management
4. Financial Management
In the inauguration ceremony held on July 8, 2017, the secretary of the school education and literacy department stressed the need for adopting child-centred approach while managing the school. He called upon Master Trainers to be affluent in the training and motivate and give confidence to the newly-recruited HMs in planning and executing the actions.
He urged them to use their competencies for better student learning outcomes.
The four modules shape the foundation of job description that meticulously describe expectations from the HMs. Hence resources and activities in the manual enabled MTs to learn the concept and hands on activities for the following:
 Module 1 was ‘Planning and Development’
 Module 2 aimed to develop ‘Administrative Management’ skills based on government rules and regulations to manage resources in the public sector.
 Module 3 covered the role of HM as curriculum and instructional leader with teacher need assessment for professional development linking to students’ better academic participation through inclusive education as understanding of individual needs of students.
‘Financial Management’ placed in module four prepared MTs to make efficient utilisation of public funds for improving the quality in the public school system.

TOT inaugral session secraterySchool Education  addressed to MTs

Zufiqar behan and Hafiz Zafar Qazi 

Syed Salih Shah BOC,Dr. Mir Hassan PITE,Zaheer Abass Chang PITE,Sudheer Memon GECE(m) Hyderabad and Zulfiqar Behan GECE lyari Karachi