12-Day Capacity Building Training for Govt: of Sindh Education & Literacy Department being held by Sukkur IBA Executive Development Center from 16-June 2014 to 28-June 2014.

12-Day Capacity Building Training for Govt: of Sindh Education & Literacy Department being held by Sukkur IBA Executive Development Center from 16-June 2014 to 28-June 2014.

It was outstanding training , i enjoyed alot the way of teaching no doubt it was interactive and interesting 

On the first day of 12-Day Capacity building Training our Lead TrainerSyed Ali Akbar Rizvi & Trainer Mr Farooq Memon took sessions on Change Management & Team works respectively.

Subject Based SLO Assessment Framework Workshop for Grade VI-VIII.September 9th -11th 2014.

Subject Based SLO Assessment Framework Workshop for Grade VI-VIII.

Date: September 9th
-11th 2014.
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Venue: Government Elementary College Male, Hyderabad, Sindh.

Workshop conducted by Bureau of Curriculum and Extension Wing Sindh, Jamshoro, and
Provincial Education Assessment Center in partnership with EU is working on the development
of “Students’ Learning Outcome-(SLO) Based Assessment Framework”.

This Assessment Framework were developed to guide the formative & summative assessment and examination practices in schools of Sindh for improved learning outcomes in alignment with the new standards based curriculum.

I was in subject sindhi, i and my team identified progression of SLOs  and contributed a good framework in this regard.
whether Madam Aniza Alivi were facilitator of this workshop.

Pictorial evidence.

Subject Based Assessment Framework Workshop for Grade I-V

Subject Based Assessment Framework Workshop for Grade I-V

Date November 9th -21 ist 2014
Venue Government Elementary College of Education ((men)Hyderabad Sindh

It was 2nd phase SLO Bases Assessment Framework workshop conducted by Bureau of curriculum and extension sindh Jamshoro,provincial Education Assessment Centre (PEACe) in partnership with EU .
I did work on  subject sindhi class 1 to 5.
This assessment framework were developed to guide the formative and summative assessment and examination practice in the schools of sindh for improved learning outcome in alignment with the new standard based curriculum .
workshop facilitator were Uniza Alvi. It was outcome based workshop we did prepared a targeted assignment.
  In subject sindh we were :
Ms tahseen Ansari
Dilshad Detho
Zulfiqar Behan.
Provincial professional Development workshop, Foundation 2 & Foundation 3 (FM2 & FM3) USAID PAKISTAN READING PROJECT
@ GECE Qasimabad Karachi


This workshop   conducted for teacher Educators of Government Elementary colleges of Education and Government Colleges of Education.

Dated 13 -10-2014 to 18-10-2014

Report Written By: Zulfiqar Behan.Asstt: Prof. GECE Lyari Karachi

FM2 & FM3 ,Provincial professional Development workshop, Foundation 2 & Foundation 3 @ GECE Qasimabad Karachi
Dated 13 -10-2014 to 18-10-2014

Training facilitators

Dr.Hina Kazimi
Sadia Adeeb
Sadia Mobin
Liaqat Shah

Participants are Teacher educators of GECEs and GCEs.
I joined from FM2 on 13th October 2014.A wonderful and very informative workshop is going on.
Workshop is pure on activity based and outcome based learning.
Participants including me learn a lot.

Day wise reflection
Foundation Module 2
Day 1

Reflection of the day.13-10-2014
Session started with recitation of Holy Quran and after that participants presented reflections of previous day.

1st  activity

Make a shape of Clock and ask any question from your next colleague.
It was a brilliant activity.

The outcome of activity was at the end of activity participants will be able to:

generate high order questions 
compare different questions on the same topic

This was very fruitful activity,I have learned a lot from this activity I can use it in my language class and i can use this activity in my other professional courses. Which I understand from this activity i can develop a higher order thinking of students like creativity from this activity.
After this activity:

  •  classroom discussion
  •  think pair share activity
  • Brain storming activity
  •  done by whole participants of workshop.
    Pictorial Evidence of Foundation Module 2 Day 1

Day 2
Higher-Order Questions
After recitation of Holy Quran a hand out distributed in participations which was about thinking skills involved in answering questions. Participants were divided in five groups randomly.
I learned a lot from this activity, this was an amazing idea that how a teacher educator enhance the higher order thinking.

 Task 1.Activity
 Task 2.Food Chain
 Task 3.Valima

It was a superb activity because participants took active part in this activity and everyone was trying to success this group activity.

Day 3

Session started with recitation of Holy Quran.
Topics of the day were:
Blooms Taxonomy
Preparing outcomes
Prepare a lesson Plan
We learned a lot today we were busy whole  day in different activities , no doubt training facilitators tried a lot and participants  also took a good attention in activates .
Revised Blooms Taxonomy also discussed in session.
To prepare outcomes before delivery of lesson this was very important theme of this workshop.
1st time I realize that if a teacher develop outcomes and consider a backward design he /she will be success in delivery of lesson.

Group activity
We were divided in four groups and prepared a lesson plan   with outcomes.
Every group attempted  and presented a model lesson.

Foundation Module 3 – “Assessment”

Day 1
·                               Goal setting with rubric –
·                               Session-2: Clapping hands activity  - 
·                               a role play about assessment leading to a set of characteristics of quality assessment
·                               Develop philosophies of learning
·                               portfolio

Day 2
                            Assessing Higher order thinking
                               project based learning 
                               learner centered’ assessment, examining the type of assessment, the link to Bloom’s Taxonomy 
                               Developing learning out comes

·Day 3

I                              It was last day as usual session started with recitation of  Holy Quran.

18 days training of HM @ Karachi education and literacy dept sindh.

1st day promotedBPS 18 HMs training at GECE Qasimabad Karachi centre  pre test,objectives of training, JDs covered. Director elementary sc...