Provincial professional Development workshop, Foundation 2 & Foundation 3 (FM2 & FM3) USAID PAKISTAN READING PROJECT
@ GECE Qasimabad Karachi


This workshop   conducted for teacher Educators of Government Elementary colleges of Education and Government Colleges of Education.

Dated 13 -10-2014 to 18-10-2014

Report Written By: Zulfiqar Behan.Asstt: Prof. GECE Lyari Karachi

FM2 & FM3 ,Provincial professional Development workshop, Foundation 2 & Foundation 3 @ GECE Qasimabad Karachi
Dated 13 -10-2014 to 18-10-2014

Training facilitators

Dr.Hina Kazimi
Sadia Adeeb
Sadia Mobin
Liaqat Shah

Participants are Teacher educators of GECEs and GCEs.
I joined from FM2 on 13th October 2014.A wonderful and very informative workshop is going on.
Workshop is pure on activity based and outcome based learning.
Participants including me learn a lot.

Day wise reflection
Foundation Module 2
Day 1

Reflection of the day.13-10-2014
Session started with recitation of Holy Quran and after that participants presented reflections of previous day.

1st  activity

Make a shape of Clock and ask any question from your next colleague.
It was a brilliant activity.

The outcome of activity was at the end of activity participants will be able to:

generate high order questions 
compare different questions on the same topic

This was very fruitful activity,I have learned a lot from this activity I can use it in my language class and i can use this activity in my other professional courses. Which I understand from this activity i can develop a higher order thinking of students like creativity from this activity.
After this activity:

  •  classroom discussion
  •  think pair share activity
  • Brain storming activity
  •  done by whole participants of workshop.
    Pictorial Evidence of Foundation Module 2 Day 1

Day 2
Higher-Order Questions
After recitation of Holy Quran a hand out distributed in participations which was about thinking skills involved in answering questions. Participants were divided in five groups randomly.
I learned a lot from this activity, this was an amazing idea that how a teacher educator enhance the higher order thinking.

 Task 1.Activity
 Task 2.Food Chain
 Task 3.Valima

It was a superb activity because participants took active part in this activity and everyone was trying to success this group activity.

Day 3

Session started with recitation of Holy Quran.
Topics of the day were:
Blooms Taxonomy
Preparing outcomes
Prepare a lesson Plan
We learned a lot today we were busy whole  day in different activities , no doubt training facilitators tried a lot and participants  also took a good attention in activates .
Revised Blooms Taxonomy also discussed in session.
To prepare outcomes before delivery of lesson this was very important theme of this workshop.
1st time I realize that if a teacher develop outcomes and consider a backward design he /she will be success in delivery of lesson.

Group activity
We were divided in four groups and prepared a lesson plan   with outcomes.
Every group attempted  and presented a model lesson.

Foundation Module 3 – “Assessment”

Day 1
·                               Goal setting with rubric –
·                               Session-2: Clapping hands activity  - 
·                               a role play about assessment leading to a set of characteristics of quality assessment
·                               Develop philosophies of learning
·                               portfolio

Day 2
                            Assessing Higher order thinking
                               project based learning 
                               learner centered’ assessment, examining the type of assessment, the link to Bloom’s Taxonomy 
                               Developing learning out comes

·Day 3

I                              It was last day as usual session started with recitation of  Holy Quran.