Induction Training of newly appointed HM karachi @ GECE Qasimabad Karachi

14 days (14-27 July 2017)
Induction training of newly appointed  HM is going on in all over sindh.I have been assigned at Karachi region center @ GECE Qasimabad Karachi..Thre are 6 Master Trainers in four rooms
1. Zulfiqar Behan
2. Seema Zahid
3.Mateen Samad
6.Muznah Fahim
Today's Reflection
MT:mam Muzna

Reflection by Faiza TP, HM
Starting of with the name of Allah and recitation of Naat.
Review of yesterday's lecture (smc)
--> Introduction to Academic management
--> watched video on curriculum
--> understand the types of curriculum(hidden,place, formal,Null)
-->Discussed the differences among curriculum,syllabus and course.

Second session
Mt:miss Muzna
History of curriculum and terminologies of curriculum(standards,Benchmark,SLO,syllabus,course,textbook,content).
Furthermore discussion on scheme of studies and then  in groups analyze that either the course books are alligned according to National curriculum or not of grade V.

MT:Sir Zulfiqar

Group activity,observe three chapters of different subjects like science ,maths,social studies and english.Matched the SLO's of chapters with the SLO's given in national curriculum and try to find out if course books SLO's are not according to Standard SLO's and prepared list of them.
Observing the curriculum as a expert was a good experience.learnt how we can give a better and complete knowledge by following scheme of studies .
Thank you Mt's 😊
Hm induction some clicks